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A fine silver mounted Dominique Pécazin cello bow.
Each single Pécazin cello bow is handmade and is made of high quality selected pernambuco wood.
These bow are individually checked for thier sonic qualities, density, strength and suppleness.
Dominique Pécazin cello bows are inspired from the great French bows masters of the past and they offer a serious alternative to the very expensive old French master bows.
The bow cosists of silver mountings an ebony made frog, ivory tip, and pearl for the eyes.
This bow will greatly contribute to the overall sound, and it will push the technical boundaries of its player.
A fine cello bow with a superbe playability.
Their excellent quality / price ratio make these bows one of the most popular cello bows on the market.

Dominique Pécazin cello bows are recommended by many cello teachers and professional cello players.

We have them in weights from 80 tot 84 grams !

A Pécazin bow is a bow that feels like a natural extension of your arm.


Dominique Pécazin bow box

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Dominique Pécazin cello bows

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1 500,00 $

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Regular Price: 1 595,00 $

1 500,00 $

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Dominique Pécazin cello bows

Additional Information
Создатели название Dominique Pécazin
лук длину 72 cm
лук вес 83 gram
Date new
цвет brown
сертификат Yes
Страна выпуска Франция
аксессуары No
Длина задней n/a