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violin viola and cello bowsEuropean Violins offers a fine collection of new and old bows.

We know as the best that the importance of the bow can not be underestimated !

Whether you buy an old or a new bow, we carefully examine and select each bow according to our strict criteria.

For French violin bows or cello bows in the higher price range, we provide a certificate of authenticity;

issued by one of the internationally recognized bow experts in France.

We do not only offer a great collection of fine old French bows, but our new bows are exceptional as well.

We are proud to announce you that we are the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Dominique Pécazin bows.

These bows are recommended by many teachers for their excellent price / quality ratio.

Dominique Pécazin bows are built according to the French tradition, and are the best alternative to the more expensive old French bows.

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