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Violin links


Below you can find many interesting violin links ! :

Violin Wizard: Lots of information about Violin and Violin Music. Lots of information to help you get started with your violin.

The Violin Site : Largeresource for violinists of all kind but especially interesting forstudents.

Fiddle Forum: A fine site to meet like minded violin& fiddle players.

Fiddle Forum: An interesting site to meet other violin players.

Good violin and viola Links A big source of links, very useful and interesting site for violin players.

Fiddle Hub: Good site for the violinist student(s). Nice site with lots of excellent videos showing you the basics of violin playing. Higly recommended.

Fiddle On Magazine : Good monthly magazine. Articles from famous fiddlers, new pieces to play.

ClassicOL.Com: Fine website, lots of general information, but it has a very good selection of articles about the Violin.

Pay The Piper Many interesting facts about the Violin, but also other instruments..

Best Student Violins Very interesting Internet resources for string playes, violin teachers and students.

Violin Student Central A lot of tips for Student Violinists. This site also hassome tuning tones etc., ....

Violins HQ Large and interesting categorized resource concerning about violins.

Violin Video: Many interesting Links to violin videos on YouTube, showing some of the best violinists.

Violin Masterclass: A good site where Kurt Sassmannshaus shows some of his violin techniques with you.

The Violin Tutor - Practice Software tools for the Windows PC: Software to play Scales, Exercises, Tunes and much more.

Fiddle Hangout.: Good support site for fiddlers, Community section also, tons of useful information.

Violin Lessons from violin master Village Useful selection of video lessons for the beginner.

Mr Violin.: An interesting and Complete guide for the violinist form A to Z

Welcome to World Fidle Music : A very good site presented by Jim Dorans. You need to register, but you can then get video lessons, very interesting

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Sheet music, music online :

Mozart Music Scores

Classical sheet music,lots of music scores, ready to download,

Fake Books.com
Musician fake books, All styles of music, for all instruments, must see !

Fabrizio Ferrari's musicians page - The new musicians world!
After subscription you get access to a large sheet music resourc, more then 7,000 mp3 files , live musicians search engine, etc. Interesting for every musician!


Download violin sheet music instantly! Find your violin sheet music here, ready to download and print from Virtual Sheet Music

Music Scores.com Classical Sheet Music - More then 80 Composers, tons of Sheet music, not all are free, needs subscription allows you to downloa

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