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online cello shop

Our European online cello shop offers a wide range of old and new handmade cellos.

We have an interesting range of cellos in every price range.

Whether you opt for an old or a new cello with us, you are at the right place.

Our new series of cellos are made in our workshops in Europe an offer excellent value for money.

These new cellos have a very good sound and playability.

Our old cellos' offer lots of personality and these old instruments do have a very good sound in general.

We have mostly French cellos, German cellos, Italian cellos, etc.,....

Our old cellos are competitively priced and offer good quality.

Our selection of old Cellos varies greatly, so visit our website regularly.

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  2. US$ 10.000,00 and above (3)
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  2. brown/yellow (3)
  3. orange/brown (5)
  4. reddish/brown (7)