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Dominique Pécazin bows

Dominique Pécazin bows are fine handmade bows, designed according to the French tradition of bow making.
It all starts with the strict selection of the woods we use :  each Pécazin bow is made of high quality pernambuco.  
Good pernambuco is the core material of a good bow.
This means that each stick is checked for its density, strength, suppleness and tonal qualities.
 All bows have silver mountings on a frog made of selected ebony, ivory for the tip, and pearl for the eyes.
The end result is a beautiful bow with highly esteemed aesthetic and artistic capacities.
Dominique Pécazin bows are durable and affordable, they offer a very interesting alternative to the very expensive old French master bows.
We know that a good bow will greatly contribute to the overall sound of the instrument, 
and that  it will push the technical boundaries of its player.
Pécazin violin, viola and cello bows combine an outstanding  playability with an outstanding sound.
The excellent quality / price ratio make these bows one of the most recommended on the market.
Dominique Pécazin bows are recommended by many teachers and professional players.
Dominique Pécazin bows are only available through us and are produced in small quantities, since they are hand-made in our workshop.
More information - pls contact us !
  Dominique Pécazin bows

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