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A fine professional SILVER MOUNTED violin bow made by Charles Nicolas Bazin (made around 1890) - certified by JF Raffin.
Very good bow (stick branded A. Lamy) Beautiful round brown pernambucco stick -
not weak  with a fine curve, and a good balance.
This C. N. Bazin violin bow plays easy and produces a big and detailled sound - prefect violin bow for the solo player or advanced student.
The length of the stick is around 72,8 cm and the weight of the bow is around 60 gr. It comes with new hair and exotic leather grip.
The bow has been porfesionally checked by our bow experts.
Ebony frog with pearl eyes and three part silver adjuster.
Normal estimated price ca 7500 usd.
All parts original.

Charles Nicolas Bazin II (1847 - 1915) son of François Xavier Bazin learned his art in the house of his father. Upon his father's death, he found himself at the head of the family business-indeed a hefty responsibility for a boy of 18.Two years later, he married his first cousin Jeanne-Emélie Bazin with whom he had three sons: Emile-Joseph, Gustave and Charles Louis.

He was a great craftsman and was responsible for producing a great many bows that are still in demand. In his Mirecourt workshop, he employed some of the most famous bow makers. In the first six years of the 1900s there were between 12 and 17 makers producing some 2 000 - 3 000 quality bows a year. The makers included: Fetique Brothers, Claude Husson, Granier, Lorange, Tournier, Delprato, Ouchard, Jacquemin, Dumont, Couturieux, Richaume, Bourgeois, Bontemps. He died on 6 December 1915. Charles Nicolas spent fifty-six years of his life devoted to making bows.* from wikipedia

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Ch. Nicolas Bazin silver mounted violin bow

Regular Price: US$ 5.850,00

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Regular Price: US$ 5.850,00

US$ 5.700,00

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Charles Nicolas.Bazin silver mounted violin bow

Additional Information
Makers name Charles Nicolas Bazin
bow lenght 72,8
bow weight 60
Date ca 1890
Color orange/brown
Country of Manufacture Frankrijk
Accessories Supplied No
Length of back na