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Nicolas Vuillaume violin

Nicolas Vuillaume III, Mirecourt c. 1850, “Stentor 1”

This lovely violin is made by Ncolas Vuillaume, made circa 1850 for his brother Jean Baptiste Vuillaume in Paris.

As a member of the famous Vuillaume family, Nicolas Vuillaume was also a talented violin maker.
This well made instrument, wears its original Stentor incription at the rear of the scroll, and its original label 'Stentor'.

This violin has several old repairs & cracks (table and back),it is playable but further further repair could be desirable  - interesting repair project !
pls contact me for more info.

Size back : 358mm (4/4).
Interesting price - Pls contact me if you need more information.

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VUILLAUME, Nicolas (III) Born 1800, died 1865 Mirecourt France. Third son of Claude-François Vuillaume (IV), above.
Worked for his brother Jean-Baptiste 1832-1842, then returned to Mirecourt to manufacture student grade instruments known as ‘Stentor’.
These were mostly made by A. Darte and his wife, and are distinguished by the shield mark bearing the name ‘Stentor’ on the back of the scroll.
The name was later sold to Gautrot, and remains a flourishing company supplying student instruments.
Original N. Vuillaume instruments branded internally. Nicolas Vuillaume NV / fecit à Mirecourt, anno 1830 Fabrique de / A. Darte / Mirecourt.

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Nicolas Vuillaume, Stentor 1 violin

US$ 5.000,00
Product code: V91
US$ 5.000,00
Nicolas Vuillaume, Stentor 1 violin is available for purchase in increments of 1

Nicolas Vuillaume violin ca. 1850, Stentor

Additional Information
Makers name Nicolas Vuillaume
Date ca.1850
Length of back 358
Color reddish/brown
Country of Manufacture Frankrijk
Accessories Supplied No