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A French cello made by Laberte-Humbert, ca. 1920

A beautifull old  French cello made by Laberte-Humbert, ca. 1920, model Couturieux, 2/4 size.(with original Couturieux label).

A nice 2-piece maple back, flamed ribs, neck, and a well made round and elegant scroll.

Beautiful rich brown/rediish oil varnish.

This cello  is ready to play.

A good strong cello sound as you may expect from this kind of old cello.

No cracks or other crack repairs,( little wear because of usage).

Back size  : 64 cm

Bout Laberte-HUmbert

Violin Maker
(fl. 1876 – 1969)

Mirecourt firm founded in 1876 by the violin making brothers Maurice-Emile and Pierre Alexis Auguste Laberte. At first it produced only factory instruments, some with fictitious labels such as 'J. Didelot'. In the early 20th century Marc Laberte, the son of Pierre Alexis Auguste Laberte, added a range of higher-quality instruments by makers including Joseph Aubry, Charles Brugere, Camille Poirson and ...Read More Georges Apparut.

In 1919 the violin maker Fourier Magnié joined the firm, which continued under the name "Laberte et Magnié" or "L.F.M." By this time the company had grown to around 400 workers. In 1927 the company bought the brand "A La Ville de Cremonne" by Paul Mangeno.

The Mirecourt instrument making industry went into decline during the mid 20th century, and all three of its large firms ended production in the 1960s. Laberte closed in 1969 after the death of Philippe Laberte.

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Laberte-Humbert - COUTURIEUX cello

Product code: C50

A French cello by Laberte-Humbert, model Couturieux, circa 1920.

Additional Information
Makers name Laberte-Humbert, COUTURIEUX
Date ca 1920
Length of back 640
Color reddish/brown
Country of Manufacture Frankrijk
Accessories Supplied No