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Online Violin Shop - European Violins

Online Violin Shop - European Violins

The Violin Shop for musicians by musicians.

We are not only dealers and restorers of fine stringed instruments, we are musicians as well.
We like to share our passion for old violins, violas cellos & French bows with our customers.
Our large selection of string instruments & bows guarantees that musicians from starters to professionals, will find what they seek.
Our online violin shop has a large base of regular and satisfied customers, grown over the years.

Certificates & Appraisals :

Because purchasing a violin or bow can be quite an investment, and because you want to know what you are buying,
we deliver a certificate of authenticity for almost all our violins and bows.
The violin certificates and bow certificates have been issued by internationally renowned experts on domain of violin expertise or bow expertise.
On request, you can ask a certificate of appraisal for your violin issued by our violin shop, which will
confirm information about the ID, the age, and technical details of your instrument.
A certificate of authenticity will add value to a violin or bow, they are important for both customer and vendor.

Trade-in option :

Fine stringed instruments like violins, master violins, violas and bows, can be offered (in some cases) to us in trade for another one.
Our online violin shop will consider a trade-in for any fine instrument or bow you purchased from us,

pls contact our violin shop for details.

Music is our passion - pls let us know how we can assist you !


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Visit our online violin shop for old violinsItalian violins , French violins.
or visit our selection of French violin bows, and French cello bows

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