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A fine French certified cello bow by Victor Fétique, circa 1915.
A beautiful French cello bow made by Victor Fétique (stamped onthe stick), and certified by J.F. Raffin in Paris.

Victor Fétique cello bows are known for their strength and great sound, making them very sought-after by cellists.
This is a very beautiful and great sounding Victor Fétique bow, designed for soloist performance.
This Fétique cello bow in a good state of preservation; nickel-silver mounted, and It was made in 1915.(his good period !)
The stick is made from reddish brown pernambuco of superior choice, strong with an excellent balance and handling.
A beautiful crafted stick, with an elegant shaped head, a bow with great balance and a good feel in the right hand.
The frog is made of the finest ebony - with original parts.
The total length of the stick is around 69,5 cm (4/4 size), and the weight of the bow is 79.5 gr.
The bow is straight and has a good curve.
The bow is ready to play, with new winding and exclusive leather grip.

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Victor Fetique cello bow

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Victor Fétique cello bow

Additional Information
Makers name Victor Fétique
bow lenght 69,5
bow weight 80,5
Date 1915
Color brown
Country of Manufacture Frankrijk
Accessories Supplied No
Length of back na