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The French bow makers


 The French bow makers
The French bow makers - French bows.

François Tourte
The French bow making tradition has its roots in Mirecourt, this is a small village in the Vosgian mountains in France,this small town in the Vosges, populated with musical instrument makers had an big influence on French bow making.

Pernambuco wood which was imported into France to make textile dye, was found by the early French bow masters to have just the right combination of strength, resiliency, weight, and beauty.

The finest bow makers of Paris were almost always just the finest bow makers of Mirecourt who setteled in Paris later on. The model of bow we use today was brought into its modern form by the famous bow maker François Tourte in 19th century France.

Other famous French bow makers are :

Jean Dominique ADAM Jean-François Aldric Georges Apparut Joseph Aubry Stephane Aubry Georges Aubry Victor Aubry Victor Audinot Nestor Audinot Jacques Audinot, Pierre Audinot Paul Joseph Bailly Jenny Bailly Charles Bailly Auguste, Mathias Théophile Barbé Télesphore Amable Barbé Georges, Emile Barjonnet Joseph Bassot Charles Nicolas Bazin Charles, Alfred Bazin Charles Louis Bazin Léon Bernardel Auguste, Sébastien. Bernardel Gustave, Adolphe. Bernardel Louis F. Billotet Paul Bisch Francesco, Paul Blanchard , Emile Blondelet Emile Boulangeot Charles Boullangier Charles, Georges Brugère Charles Brugère François Brugère

Prosper Cabasse Pascal Camurat ,Albert, Felix Caressa Albert & Henri Caressa & Français ,François Caussin François, Hippolyte Caussin Nicolas Caussin ,Georges Chanot André Chardon Victor, Joseph Charotte Georges Cherpitel Nicolas Emile Cherpitel Louis Cherpitel Paul Chipot Célestin, Emile Clasquin Augustin Claudot Prosper Colas Louis Collenot Charles Louis Collin-Mézin Charles Jean Baptiste. Collin-Mézin Robert Coné Georges Coné Alfredo Contino Eugène Corvisier Amédée Couesnon Louis Courtier Xavier Couturieux Georges Cunault Albert Cunin Eugène Cuniot Pierre Cuniot Auguste Darte Albert Joseph Deblaye Georges Defat Louis Delignon Georges Deroux Paul Didier Marius Didier Amédée Dieudonné Justin, Victor Diter Georges Dupuy, Charles Espey Annibale Fagnola Jules Fétique Charles, Claude Fétique Marcel Fétique Victor Fétique Benoist (Benoit) Fleury Joseph Fonclause Lucien Français,Pierre Gaggini Jules Gaillard Charles Gaillard Charles Francois Gand Charles Eugène Gand Charles Adolphe Gand Frères Gand . Gand & Bernardel . Gand & Bernardel Frères Joseph Gaudé François, Jude Gaulard Pierre Gauthié François Gavinies Joseph, Louis Germain Emile Germain Roger Gerome Mangenot, etc. , ...
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